Artist Talk Miyuki Inoue, Anna Kinbom, Vilda Kvist and Marcel Smit

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26 Oct 2021


Miyuki Inoue and Anna Kinbom developed a performance for Supermarket art fair during the residency stay at NKF Malongen.
They have been experimenting with voice, singing and searching for safe space. Marcel Smit has contributed with creating coding within this residency. The residency is an initiative of Performance Center - PC, formed by Vilda Kvist and Anna Kinbom in 2018 as a context for performance in contempory art. Vilda Kvist is joining the talk.

Very welcome to Malongen, Nytorget 15 A where we will also serve drinks and snacks!



Miyuki Inoue is a visual artist living in Amsterdam, inoue holds a Master of Voice from Sandberg Institute and has studied at Tsukuba University in Japan and Kungl. Konsthögskolan. Inoue describes her work: "These years, I have been working with performance and installation that use my voice or voice of groups. I work with voice because I think that voice represents how we have been raised in the society, at the same time that voice is strongly personal. Voice is strongly connected to our identities and voice reflects the state of emotion. I would like to find a way to liberate diverse voices which were formulated according to the society. Voice avoiding to be a noise, trying to be within the norm, could stretch itself and could become freer, which is my hope for myself as well as for the others."


Anna Kinbom works with text based performances, micro histories and alter egos. She has made commissioned performances for Stockholm Konst (2020), Marabouparken (2017) and Moderna Museet (2015) in Stockholm and exhibited with 0s+1s Collective at Casa Victor Hugo in Havana and at Göteborgs konsthall. Anna received her MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 2013 and has studied Performative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.


Vilda Kvist works with voice, performance and sculptural installations. She consider her work as translations, between different materials and experiences. In her work process she examines lived experience as a material in relation to other artistic materials.  Kvist (b. 1979 Gothenburg) is educated at Konstfack, Kungl. Konsthögskolan  and STDH. She lives and works in Stockholm. Kvist has shown and performed her works at  (among others) Art Basel, Rekjavik Art Museum, The Living Art Museum (Reykjavik), Göteborgs Konsthall and and at Chinese Pavillon, Drottningholms Slottspark. 


Marcel Smit studied computer science and worked as a game developer before. Since 2016, he has started his career as a creative coder. He works with artists, musicians and designers and performance artists. He himself develops his own creative coding library and he makes it open source, with which other creatives would be able to create audio visual works and other kinds of creative applications.