Event- Realization of Waves: Public talk

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13 Mar 2019

Realization of Waves: Public talk

Wednesday 13 March, 18.00-20.00

At Nordisk Gästateljén Malongen, Nytorget 15 A, Stockholm

Public talk with independent curator, Tal Gilad will be introducing personal observations on art by feminists of the third wave vs. the fourth wave, presented as tools for understandings Michal Makaresco’s (Malongen’s current artist-in-residence) artistic practice. Coming from a realization the waves are similar in ideas however different in appearance. The presentation will focus on visual representations of mostly selfies and self-portraits to establish a more general image of feminist aesthetics between two waves. Presenting a theory struggling with a conflict of double nostalgia- having sentimentality for the early nineties ragged alternative movement being replaced with a much more popular commercial and conformist one that is technologically innovative and yet emotionally stuck in the past. The subject of the talk takes a risk by offering a critical approach towards the dominant Millenial Feminism without ignoring or dismissing it.

By mapping such cyber practices and questioning whether they are harmless/positive or possibly self-destructive. We invite skeptics, feminists and curious people to take part of open dialogue regarding the most recent (2012- ) formations in the aim of understanding the present and forecasting the future of the image of feminist art.