Kulturnatt Stockholm på Malongen with artist Mako Ishizuka

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
21 Apr 2023

Welcome to Kulturnatt Stockholm at Malongen, NKF!
Artist Mako Ishizuka presents "Graphic Movements" (2019-), a video installation that serves as scenography for a drop-in workshop with simple physical movement to practice humanity. We welcome you to view and/or take part!

The video presents the documentation of a series of workshops Mako conducted in South Africa in 2019, as her response to the racial conflicts and xenophobic riots she experienced there: Two people lean on each other back-to-back, trying to stand up together without using hands. It embodies the African philosophy of Ubuntu, “a person is a person through other person” and the Chinese pictograph for “person”, with two oblique strokes supporting each other. It was during her stay at NKF in 2020, she developed it further to produce this video installation.

There would be also a brief vocal performance of "Practising Humanity", an essay on the act of resisting in the divided world, along with a slide show of news photos of global and historical events.

Snacks and drinks will be served during the evening and NKF's board will be present if you have any questions about our residency program.

Most welcome!