María Kolodynski

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
4 Jun 2023 to 13 Jul 2023

María Kolodynski (AR) och Anna Kinbom (SE)

Maria Kolodynski’s (AR) stay at Malongen during summer 2023 supports an international
research-based collaboration between Anna Kinbom (SE) and Kolodynski who mutually
nurture each other: Anna plays the role of producer in Maria's art project, and vice versa.

Something shines beneath the Earth, is an artistic research on artificial, “natural”/cultivated
and inner landscapes by Kolodynski. The project takes Frösundatoppen Hill, located on the
surroundings of Stockholm, which has literally been built from the rubble of the former heart
of the city as a trigger and first working site. This situation is a metaphor of our own ruins, of
our personal history and of the internal constructions that a priori cannot be seen, our
internal landscapes. The ideas of; nature, illusion, simulacrum, public space that hides
history are explored. The results of the work will be shown in an idea-exhibition at ID:I

Kinbom works on two projects that are performances for camera called Bryggan duo and
When you wake up I go to sleep. Niklas Wennström is Kinbom’s collaborator in Bryggan duo
and they made their first public performance a year ago at Konshall C. The two started
playing music together when they worked as personal assistants and the collaboration stems
from an interest in the positive effects of music on the individual. The project will also be a
continuation of Kinbom’s research about Lacanian therapy which she initiated during a
residency in Buenos Aires in 2022.


María Kolodynski (B&R* Patagonia, 1991) is an artist and filmmaker. She has a bachelor's
degree in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires. María focuses her
artistic practice around the link between a body and otherness: an endless conversation in
permanent movement and investigates the invisible forces of connection, the perception of
the hidden, the mysterious of the soul. Works to find the way to continue living in
contradiction through those objects and places that present themselves to her: silkworms,
videos, glass, spaces, people, magnets, to name a few. By following them she gives them
form. Currently attending the Artists Program at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Art
Department, Postgraduate.She lives and works in Buenos Aires. *Brought and Raised


Anna Kinbom works with songs and texts which form a basis for her work and
performances. In 2022 she published a publication with texts and lyrics (Cuestión Editora,
Buenos Aires). For six years now, Kinbom has been working on going back to her teenage
years. In various works she has depicted times of change and this has had expression in
installations as well as performance and sound and video works. Kinbom most recent
exhibitions were at Extension Art Space in Stockholm (2023), Whose Museum Malmö,
Konsthall C, Konstväxlingar Skanstull (2022), Celsius Projects in Malmö and Konstepidemin
in Gothenburg (2021). She has performed in exhibitions at Moderna museet (2022,2015), for
Stockholm Konst (2020) and Marabouparken (2017). She is part of several collaborations,
including SONG which exhibits in the AR exhibition Vävda rum which is shown by Sweden's
Art Associations around Sweden in the summer of 2023. She has an MFA from the Royal
University of Fine Arts (2013) and has studied at the Akademie der Bildenen Künste in
Vienna. She lives and works in Stockholm.

The stay is carried out with the support of IASPIS The Swedish Arts Grants Committee