The Nordic Guest Studio- Michal Makaresco (IL)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
4 Mar 2019

During the month of March, Michal Makaresco will be residing at the guest studio, invited by Stockholm based Independent curator, Tal Gilad.
Michal Makaresco is a Tel-Aviv based artist, who works with mixed media and photography. She uses photography as an image-making tool, inspired by Surrealism, Body and Feminist Art. She uses Instagram to present an extreme version of social anxiety which is a result of the chase after affirmation from the imaginary community. Her current interests stem from relationships, boundaries of risk and danger, a desire for romance, and darkness.
Michal earned her BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem (2010), academic education at Camera Obscura (2006) and HaMidrasha Faculty of the Arts (2017).
Planned events during March:
An open event that will include presentations and a talk.
Michal's alter ego Vanessa DVD (vanesa_dvd) Instagram account will to broadcast work in and out of the studio space.
Open studio / an exhibition that sums up the time spent in Stockholm.
Specific dates and further information will be advertised through the NKF site and FB page.