RISK(U) #12 - Reading and walking with Holly Keasey

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5 Apr 2023

RISK(U) #12: Two-Part Event by Holly Keasey 

- Reading Circle // 17:00 - 18:30
Nature/ Culture/ Seawater by Stefan Helmreich. To take part in the reading circle please rsvp to Camilla Larsson at NKF, larsson.camilla@gmail.com

- Walking on water // 18:30 - 20:00
Walk from Malongen to the edge of the Baltic Sea

Refreshmenst will be served
During Keasey's residency she will host the Risk(U) reading circle to discuss the text, Nature/Culture/Seawater by Stefan Helmreich. Keasey has revisited this text many times over the past few years whilst expanding how she envisions what it could mean to be a water artist. The text examines how seawater has occupied an ambiguous place in anthropological categories of “nature” and “culture", but also imagines how sea-set ethnography, maritime anthropologies, and contemporary social theory operate as a “theory machine” for generating insights about human cultural organization. The text is available online as a pdf and the session will be hosted in English.

Walking on water // 18:30 - 20:00
Keasey will also host a walk from Malongen to the edge of Baltic Sea. During the walk she will share stories of how water drifts through most aspects of our lives unseen and invite walkers to imagine what society could be like if we not only noticed, but celebrated and embraced our watery ways.
Read more about Holly Keasey´s stay at RISK(U) at NKF with Nathalie Wuerth