RISK(U) #15 Katarina Sylvan – AFTERTHOUGHT

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Other projects by NKF
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30 Oct 2023

RISK(U) #15 Katarina Sylvan feat. Luxemburg Press, Paul Sigerhall & AW with Max Ronnersjö

Dear NKF,

Thank you for having me and my usual suspects; Paul Sigerhall, Max Ronnersjö and Luxemburg Press. We worked with—and not against—the interior, riffing on human perception and its limits to create things that do something to you, just not necessarily what you think that they do.

I will below spill my beans somewhat more than I usually do through a dead-pan list of works, strings on display:

Tulle, hooks
A grey net lowers the ceiling.

Warm light bulbs, cool light bulbs
A new atmosphere.

The Double
Luxemburg Press 2023
22 pages,
A theatrical play in one act that puts two Olympic fencers through the Turing Test, judged by the late artist Dan Graham. Keywords: Turing Test, Deep Blue, Doubling, Socratic Dialogue, Fencing, 2012 Olympics, Two Fencers by Jack Goldstein, Ghost, Machine, Mirror.

Sometimes you can do things that are subversive and sometimes they turn out not to be so subversive.
- Dan Graham

List of alternative additional titles that never made it:

The Double
- Unfuckingreadable
- or How I Became a Poker Millionaire
- or How you sometimes can do things that are subversive and sometimes they turn out not to be so subversive
- a play in one act (?)
- They never actually fence
- or Vertigo
- and the Trouble
- Temperance is doing one’s own business
- or How you should love me the most when I deserve it the least


Time Gun
with Paul Sigerhall
Performance at 7pm
Time gun, drum, cymbal, stands, tape, 3 humans
To human beings perceive the stroboscopic light pulsating from Time Gun and adjust their movements accordingly, causing their arms and in extension their hands and in extension their drum sticks to produce noise when the sticks hit a drum and a cymbal. The lightning flashes before the thunder rumbles. Time Gun made them do it. Contingency is on their minds. ATTENTION: Contains flashing lights. Viewer discretion is advised.

Yaw Pitch
Video 05:11 min, model of the Xerox 914
MDF, tape, computer, screen
Stabilized footage of office lights makes apparent small flares that lead a life of their own, shown on a 7" screen. The screen is an inlay in a small scale-model in mdf of the XEROX 914, semi-famously known for its role as under-cover agent for the CIA during the Cold War. It’s stationary. WARNING: Vertigo.


Two-way mirror film
An upside-down ideograph with vague resemblance to its muscular role-model; the heart, in two-way mirror-film on the window, pending between opaque/mirror and translucent/c-thru depending on interior and exterior lighting conditions.

Furniture, strobe
All furniture belonging to the apartment, jumbled together in a pitch-black room. Every now and then, a flash goes off from a stroboscope, revealing for a milli-second the furniture landscape for the viewer accidentally opening the obscure door. Humans perceive sharply only 2% of their FOV, with 98% remaining a blur.

AW with Max Ronnersjö
2023 -
Bartender performance
2010 -
Kitchen towel, wine glasses, beer, wine
AW take-over in the kitchen by Max, where he performs his famous bartender performance. ”AW" is the abbreviation for ”after work”, an anglicism commonly used by Swedish-speaking humans when referring to the act of going for a drink after work, with colleagues and/or friends.

Sincere and many thank yous to Paul Sigerhall, Max Ronnersjö, Zackarias Elwin, Liv Strand, Luxemburg Press and Dan Graham.