RISK(U) #6: Cultural hegemonies and third culture kids - AFTERTHOUGHT

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Other projects by NKF
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15 Apr 2021

Karina Sarkissova was invited to a Covid-19 safe working session 16-22 November 2020 at NKF, Malongen.

NKF proudly invite you to watch the video lecture
Cultural hegemonies and third culture kids (1 hour and 10 minutes)

RISK(U) #6: Cultural hegemonies and third culture kids from Karina Sarkissova on Vimeo.

Karina writes:

In a Covid-19 friendly lecture, I recorded a video of my lecture at Nordiska Gästateljén Malongen to process and present my thesis research; studies around Northwestern Europe and contemporary organization and symmetries of artistic production. The lecture expands from Donna Haraway’s situated knowledges to Sara Ahmed’s performatives and non-performatives, where artistic references like Erik Lundin, this is Sweden and Ceylan Öztrük creates a lens of artistic production and artists that are exemplifying procedures of discussing art and society today, dealing with a cultural hegemony in Northwestern Europe. My artistic interest lies in performances and other artworks that are positioning themselves in relation to a Northwestern, white European cultural hegemony with a colorblind society and a birch backdrop.

For this session, I took the chance to contain my artistic research and take the moment to fit the research into the context of NKF. For the working week, I made a powerpoint to collect and exemplify the research from text into a presentation frame. It was not an easy process but I am happy to get the opportunity to create more interfaces to the work departing from my written text. I am curious how it will be reflected and received.

The thesis “The Phenomenology of Hypocrisy: the Performance of Third Culture Kids and Orientating in the Birchforest” written at Dutch Art Institute was completed March 2021 and is a more extensive project than this lecture, but I am happy to get a moment to share my research also this way.


The guests and collaborators in this video lecture:

Jon Ely Xiuming Aagaard Gao is a third culture queer, uncomfortable art student and huge book nerd. They work with text, performance, queer as a verb and conceptual art. They are a part of the queer art- and club collective fake daughter and the trans zine Drömsyskon / Dream siblings.

Maria Lönn is a gender scholar based in Stockholm university and Uppsala university. Maria has written a PhD called Fractured whiteness: On the sensory and temporal conditions of Russian femininity.

Ana Barata Martins (Lisbon) is a visual artist with a MFA from Konstfack. Her practice is composed by essay-films, site-specific installations, archive and field research. Currently she is interested in how historically our perception of natural phenomena has been shifting the idea of what being human is.

Karina Sarkissova (b. 1988) is a Russian-Swedish choreographer based in Stockholm, graduated in 2012 at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO) and in 2019 at Dutch Art Institute (DAI). Karina is a cofounder of höjden in Östberga, a house for artistic production. Karina curates together with Pontus Pettersson the annual festival My Wild Flag. Karina’s practice is dramaturgical and curatorial; she has a podcast called Navegante and is working continuously with artists like Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Tamara Alegre and Pontus Pettersson.